Homelessness is something that leaves countless Americans on the streets at night looking for a place to stay but to be exact it was estimated 553,742 Americans go without a home at night. Thats a rate of about 17 people experiencing homelessness for every 10,000 people in the U.S. population. That is 553,742 people to many to be on the street with no roof over there head. This was from a study in 2017 and as we go faster in to the future we don't know who much that number will grow. Homelessness leaves people out in cold weather snowy weather and any thing possible. 

This issue hit me had when I was out feeding the homeless with a man by the name Rob and a man came up to the van to receive his meal when he said this "Theres about five more of us living over there". While he said that he pointed to a patch of bushes. That hit me hard and it mad me think how many other people go without a home or food.  

Source state-of-homelessness-report

Here in Upstate South Carolina we have some place that will help out with Homelessness. These place are doing great things one of these place is Miracle Hill in Spartanburg and some other locations around the Upstate. Miracle Hill offers people a staying period where they will house you but you will have to be willing to take on a certain task they give you so that you can stay. Miracle hill also helps out with giving goods to the community with there Thrift stores. there is also Salvation army with gives shelter and much more in the community. 


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Miracle Hill

Salvation Army

Greer Relief

The Haven

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